Opportunities at ISS

Technology Award – Nominee (2018)

I conceptualised and developed an innovative app catering to managers, empowering them to post internal job vacancies while enabling staff to effortlessly search and apply for new roles. Following its initial success, I further enhanced the app’s capabilities by seamlessly integrating an external recruitment agency’s API, granting access to external users seeking opportunities within the business.

To create a people-centric experience, I incorporated captivating photography into the app’s design and promotional materials, emphasising the core values of finding, supporting, and developing talent both within and outside the organisation.

Throughout the research and development phase, I conducted A/B testing sessions with diverse user groups, ensuring the platform’s user-friendliness and accessibility for everyone.

The recognition of my efforts came in 2018 when ‘Opportunities at ISS’ earned a prestigious Technology Award nomination at the ISS Annual Leadership Conference, held at the ExCeL in London.

Leadership Conference example

App screenshots

How the app looks on an iPad.

System schema

This diagram shows how the application works.

App promotional adverts

People-focused photography was used in the design.

Take a look at this demo version.