Business people

In 2020, as part of a wider global rebranding initiative, I created a cutting-edge web-based tool: the People Maker app. This innovative app empowered creative professionals from more than 40 countries to effortlessly design and obtain individualised brand characters, seamlessly integrating them into their respective design projects.

The People Maker app not only facilitated the process of crafting and downloading characters but also served as a fundamental asset for the global marketing team. Its capabilities to monitor the style and variety of characters generated and utilised were pivotal in ensuring the continued representation of our culturally diverse and dynamic workforce across all brand materials. With this powerful tool, the brand exuded authenticity and resonance on a global scale.

Workplace posters example

A selection of A3 posters.

Social media graphics

iFM Brand Survey results for ISS 2020.

Social media graphic

Celebrating 60,000 followers milestone on LinkedIn.

People Maker

Design and download individual brand characters.

Give it a go: you can mix and match your characters.

QR code generator app

Create and download on-brand QR codes.

Take a look at this demo version of the QR Code generator app.

Leaflet example

A guide for managers on the impact of emerging from lockdown.

Booklet example

Tips for coping with lockdown inside and outside of the workplace.

Card Maker

This app lets users send an e-card to one or multiple recipients.

Try this app out for yourself.