I developed a diverse and flexible range of custom icons, to add to the company’s existing library, I took the initiative to create a diverse range of custom icons.

Recognising the need for a more efficient way to access these icons instead of searching through artwork files, I developed a user-friendly web-based tool. This innovative tool empowers creatives to effortlessly search for specific icons or entire icon categories. Moreover, users can easily customise the style and colour of the chosen icon before downloading it in either PNG or SVG file format.

The impact of this app has been substantial, as it is now utilised in over 40 countries worldwide.

Furthermore, the tool allows for data collection on the icons being created and downloaded. This valuable data is made available to the global marketing team, enabling them to monitor the usage of each icon in brand and marketing materials. With this information, they can ensure the icons are employed appropriately and maintain brand guardianship.

Brandicons web-based application

Take a look at this demonstration version of the web app.

Leaflet example

Tri-fold leaflet.

Slide deck example

Slides from the People Make Places project.

Social media post example

Post used as part of an environmental campaign.

Brochure advert example

This advert was featured in an Irish facilities magazine.

Infographic example

Workplace Insights poll results.