Brand characters

Building upon a core set of illustrations that were already integrated into the company’s brand identity, I took on the task of expanding them. The goal was to create a comprehensive collection of illustrations that truly reflected the rich cultural diversity of our workforce both in the UK and on a global scale.

As the demand for these new characters surged, I took the initiative and developed a user-friendly web-based tool. This innovative platform enabled creatives from over 40 countries worldwide to effortlessly design and download personalised brand characters, empowering them to seamlessly incorporate these assets into their own design projects.

Infographic example

Gender pay report. View full image

Booklet example

Workplace apprenticeships guide

People Maker tool

Give it a go: you can mix and match your own characters.

Workplace posters

A selection of A4 posters used for internal communications.

Business sector avatars

Business sector avatars that represent a culturally rich and diverse workforce.

Employee application: myISS

An early version of the award-winning web app, designed for frontline colleagues to access information and business systems.

Read more about myISS.